Aclo Compounders is located in Southern Ontario and has the resources available to service companies throughout the province, Quebec, across Canada and into the United States and Mexico.

We at Aclo Compounders, a Business Unit of The Matrixx Group, Inc. are pleased to announce the opening of a new, expanded and more efficient compounding facility specifically designed to better service our customers. The facility is in the final stages of construction and production at the new plant will begin in March 2009.

Effective February 27, 2009, the current operations located at 498 Eagle St. North in Cambridge, ON will be closed with all operations transferred to the new facility. It is planned that all telephone; fax and email contacts will remain the same.

New location:
Aclo Compounders
945A Southgate Drive
Unit #1
Guelph, ON
Canada N1L 0B9

Toll Free: 1-800-665-2256
Phone: (519) 763-8000
Fax: (519) 763-7050

For more information on Aclo’s products and services see our Corporate Directory for personal contact information.